Sunday, 4 March 2018

Fantasy novel

I had intended to post 2 weeks after my last effort but yet again time has raced past me leaving me in its wake. The good news is that true to my word I have managed to reignite my writing career and have been working very hard on a novel during that time.

I spent most of last year tinkering on and off with my World War One novel, a novel I began back in 2004 as part of my therapeutic recovery from a major illness and I will finish that one day (honestly) but it is my fantasy novel that has drawn my attention lately. For lack of nothing better to read, about a month ago I dug out this novel that I began writing way back in April 2016. I can clearly remember posting at the time that I had never been so excited about a writing project as I was that one, believing it to be my best work to date. Unfortunately for a whole host of reasons work on that novel ground to a halt in the summer of 2016 and then I guess I just moved on to other things. Anyway, like I said, I dug it out again about a month ago and once again was totally smitten by the writing and fell in love with it all over again.

Since then I have literally been re-working everything that I had written and the original 35000 words is now up to about 42000. The story line was good but now it's even better and I'm absolutely delighted with how it's shaping up. So far I've re-worked the first 7 chapters, adding a fair bit of new narrative as I go. Happily no major plot holes were found and I've even come up with one or two new sub-plots which I'm trying to work into the existing narrative.

I am absolutely determined to see this book over the finishing line, I believe in it too much not to. Whether I will be able to convince a publisher that it's good enough to be published is another matter, but I fully intend to give it every chance possible to see the light of day.

In the meantime I will try and post updates on its progress here although regular updates are currently being placed on Facebook and occasionally Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018


It took me a while to identify what that whooshing noise was but eventually I realised it was the sound of January rushing by and disappearing over the horizon. Frankly I'm surprised I managed to hear it at all above the noise of my New Year resolutions crashing noisily one after the other. Sadly many of those were writing related not least of which was to try and post more regularly on here. Oh well, it's done now and all I can do is dust myself down and go again. Hey! Tomorrow's a new month so why not a new start?

So what's been happening? Well, I've been very busy strangely enough which accounts for the lack of writing, but I have kept jotting down the ideas which thankfully keep popping into my head, usually at the most inopportune of times. The end result is that I now have a bumper book of short story ideas, two partially completed novels and another four novel ideas all of which I really want to develop.

It occurs to me that I've said this many times before and in some dark moments I've even considered chucking it all in - frustration at not finding the time to write getting me down. But as all writers know, we have to write - it is ingrained within us. It gnaws away demanding that we put pen to paper. It strikes you at all hours of the day and night demanding to be heard, fulfilled. For me all it takes to find my old motivation and desire to write is a visit to a bookshop and a brief browse of the shelves within. I leave with an all-consuming desire to hit the keyboard and get writing but invariably life and all its problems stumble in my way, blocking my vision, dulling my motivation.

2017 was a tough year in many ways with numerous ailments and medical issues meaning a lot of time spent at hospitals and doctors, the legacy of which has dragged into 2018. It has, however, given me a new perspective on everything and as a consequence I'm determined to reignite my writing career, such that it was. I did sort of try back in September/October when I entered 5 short story writing competitions but as I haven't heard from any of them and only one is still outstanding, I think it's fair to say that I haven't made the winners' circle on any of them. That's fine - because this year all I'm going to enter is completely new material.

Like I said... fresh start.